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Our companies operate across industries and continents, serving millions of customers everyday. Discover some of our brands below.


Sustainable growth through transformation. Our companies operate across industries and geographies, touching over a million lives, every day. We invest for a better world.

Aerospace & Defense

GI Aerospace

HQ: New York City, New York, United States
Industry: Aerospace, Aviation, Defense and Military
About: GI Aerospace engineers software platforms for making aviation and aerospace industry safer, efficient and cost effective. It designs, develops and sells aviation and aerospace related software, hardware and provide artificial intelligence based solutions to airlines, defense industries and the United States military. →


Pacific Defense Systems

Regions Served: United States
Industry: Defense and Military MRO
About: Pacific Systems is a defense contractor that supports the US Department of Defense globally with parts, maintenance and logistics for all branches of the military. →


GI Engineering

Regions Served: United States, Middle East
Industry: Infrastructure Services, Construction
About: With over three decades of experience, Ivory Power delivers engineering services for infrastructure projects in some of the world’s fastest growing cities. →


GI Capital

HQ: New York City, United States
Industry: Financial Markets, Private Portfolio Management
About: Asset management firm investing in discretionary long/short, macro and systematic strategies. →


GI Consulting

Regions Served: North America, Europe, South East Asia
Industry: Technology
About: GI Consulting is global technology services firm that helps companies innovate and improve the world works using technology, helping them run faster, better and efficient. The company provides product development and enterprise services including process outsourcing. The company brings disruptive ideas to the market from small fast growing companies to larger companies. →


GI Properties

Regions Served: United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, United States
Industry: Real Estate
About: GI Properties is an experienced acquirer and manager of multi-family, mixed-use and commercial real estate primarily in the United States. →


John R Oishei Children’s Hospital

HQ: Buffalo, New York, United States
Industry: Healthcare
About: For over 125 years, Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo has cared for babies, kids and moms from Western New York and beyond. John R Oishei Children’s Hospital is one of only 43 standalone children's hospitals in the United States. →


Meaningful, Impactful and Sustainable

A global integrated approach to sustainable growth. We operate as one firm, leveraging all of our businessess and partnering across them, unlocking the true potential of every company in which we invest.

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