A global firm that invests and manages assets in different classes including private companies, real estate, and financial markets.

We invest in, own and manage a number of assets worldwide that generate sustainable returns. These include private businesses, real estate, and investments in public companies. We continue to explore new markets and reinvest our returns into the existing portfolio, which has helped us become a sustainable growth story. This makes us stronger and better positioned for long term growth, supporting our vision of creating positive long-lasting economic and social impact for the people and communities we serve.

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Steward of legacy: We invest in private companies with no intention to exit.

Unlike traditional private equity, we value the long term. We invest in companies with no exit plan and commit for the long haul. We do not sell and we rarely use debt.

For sellers, individuals or families, who care about what happens to your customers, employees and the legacy you have built, talk to us. We roll up our sleeves and get to work, protecting the brand you have built while growing it. A fair deal with people you can trust not to tear apart your legacy.

Our criteria:
Location: Primarily based in the United States
Situation: 100% exit preferrably with plans to stay involved to grow the business.
History: Minimum of 3 years
Cash Flow: Net profits between $500k to $5M and at least 20% growth rate.
Revenue: Generally between $2M to $15M

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Sustainable growth through transformation. Our companies operate across industries and geographies, touching over a million lives, every day. We invest for a better world.

Over the past 10 years, GI has been outperforming the S&P 500 by a multitude and has done so sustainably with no additional influx capital or external investors on board. We believe in investing in companies that create value, working with individuals that embrace change and has the courage to drive change by challenging conventional wisdom, and deliver growth to society.

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Ideas are scary and frightening.
Because they threaten the status-quo.
The enemy of the way things are.
But, with proper care, ideas move humanity forward.
Ideas change the world.
We do the care part. We challenge the status-quo.

For us,
investment is a commitment.

When GI invests in a company, we don’t just provide the capital, but we work with them in all aspects of its operations, build a true passionate culture and a great successful company. When a business becomes part of the GI family, everyone in the entire GI group of businesses come together to help each other and bring meaningful collaboration, unlocking the true potential of our every venture.

Entrepreneurs at heart with an investor’s mind.

With its humble beginnings with an investment capital of $1000 in 2008, GI today is one of the fastest organically growing investment companies in the world with offices in 4 countries.  

We have started our own companies from ground up to be added to our portfolio.

We have acquired companies that were underperforming and turned them into profitable sustainable businesses.

We have invested in a global range of businesses and assets that yields constant returns or have high growth rates. 

Our Investments

The name, GI which stands for Global Invisions, uses an alternative spelling to 'Envision'. It signifies the vision of building a company that brings together creativity, meaning and imagination to solve problems of the world.

If you’re investing in passion,
write to us today - with an idea, a business proposal or if you're simply interested in partnering with us for your investments.

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Thinking Forward

2024: Bring Manufacturing Home

GI’s growth focus for 2024 is focused on manufacturing, aerospace and defense. We're focused on developing and investing in manufacturing capabilities in mainland United States.


GI is a privately owned company and we do not offer securities for sale. If you’re a private investor, investment fund or a family office, we can partner with you on selective basis and we require you to be an Accredited Investor to comply with US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements. No content in this website is an investment offering. Please read our securities disclaimer for further information or write to us with any questions.